Internship brings brush with golf stars

Sep 6, 2017
UMES Office of Public Relations

UMES senior Nia Troutman had a front-row seat this summer to one of 2017's biggest events in women's golf while earning credit toward her degree in PGA golf management

Troutman is in the midst of a seven-month internship at the Des Moines Golf & Country Club, which played host Aug. 14-20 to the Solheim Cup, a team competition that pits America's best pros against counterparts from Europe. 

Mosely Gallery faculty exhibit opens Sept. 7

Sep 6, 2017
UMES Office of Public Relations

In addition to the annual faculty show's display of recent paintings, drawings, prints, photos, ceramics, sculpture, glass works and installations, I invited our talented faculty to also create works specifically addressing the theme, “Homage.”

During our careers as professional artists and art educators, we have all learned from and been inspired by other artists. The show, which is on display Sept. 7 through Oct. 12, is designed to acknowledge and pay tribute to some of those artists. 

More News

Annapolis, MD – Despite pleas from doctors and hospitals, Governor Ehrlich says he'll veto the medical malpractice insurance reform bill. The Republican governor says the reforms contained within the bill are next to nothing. Ehrlich pointed to a study conducted for the administration that hasn't been made public. He says for most doctors, the bill would only reduce premiums by two-point-five percent the first year. But he couldn't say how much the savings would be in future years.

Baltimore, MD – Now that the holidays are over, repairs have resumed on the westbound span of the Bay Bridge. The center lane was shut down yesterday and is scheduled to remain closed until the Friday before Memorial Day. To keep westbound traffic moving in the morning rush hour, officials are allowing two-way traffic on the eastbound span weekdays before 9 a.m. Weather permitting, construction crews will close a second and third lane in the evening and overnight hours.

Annapolis, MD – Maryland lawmakers are getting a warning from the General Assembly's ethics counsel about raising money from people affected by the debate over medical malpractice. Lawmakers are prohibited from raising money during the regular General Assembly session. The law doesn't apply to special sessions, but ethics counsel William Somerville wrote a recent memo advising lawmakers to avoid "even the appearance of impropriety".

Philadelphia, PA – Six states and Washington D.C. have agreed to limit outflows of nitrogen and phosphorus from sewage treatment plants that drain into the Chesapeake Bay. The Environmental Protection Agency in Philadelphia says about 350 wastewater treatment plants will be covered by the agreement. Any new facilities built in the Chesapeake Bay watershed will also be covered. Officials say it may take some time before every facility complies with the new standards.

OCEAN CITY – Several lawmakers from the Lower Shore plan to attend a special session of the General Assembly next week. The two-day session called by Gov. Robert Ehrlich last week is set to begin on Monday to focus on passing legislation to bring down the cost of medical malpractice insurance for doctors.

Baltimore, MD – A coalition of doctors says a medical malpractice reform bill passed last week should have become law, despite the bill's shortcomings. The Save Our Doctors Protect Our Patients Coalition commended Governor Ehrlich and members of the General Assembly for last week's special session. But the group said it was disappointed a conference committee "could not sustain the fuller measure of tort reform approved by the House."


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