Antares rocket test 'successful' at Wallops Island

Jun 1, 2016

Credit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, via Wikimedia Commons

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. (AP) — Orbital ATK has conducted a successful full-power test of the of the upgraded first stage propulsion system of its Antares rocket from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility.

The test occurred Tuesday evening at Virginia Space's Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport.

Orbital ATK General Manager and Vice President Mike Pinkston says the test was successful. Engineers will review test data over the next two weeks to confirm that all test parameters were met. Once that is confirmed, Orbital ATK will resume cargo resupply services to the International Space Station from the Wallops Flight Facility in July.

The main goal of the test was to ensure new engines, avionics, pad fueling systems and other components of the first stage worked.

Orbital is set to deliver about 62,000 pounds of supplies to the space station by the end of 2018.

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